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Male preparing to lift barbell

Stronger than yesterday.

Ready to take control of your health

and fitness?

one size does not fit all

When it comes to fitness, you deserve a personalized plan built to suit YOUR body and help you achieve YOUR goals.

You will kick off your relationship with us by sharing your challenges, goals and stretch goals. Then you will go through a comprehensive physical assessment and movement screening - all complimentary.

You will learn things about your body you never knew - even if you have been exercising your whole life.

You will feel empowered to take control of your fitness. No matter where you are in your journey.

You will get more than just workouts and before and after photos.
You will get movement on the inside and out. You will get shifts that take place deep down in your core, that photos can’t capture.

You will get an accountability partner.
Not the type that is going to make you feel guilty, but the kind that is going to remind you that YOU are worth showing up for.

When you choose us, you are really choosing YOU.
So let’s do this. Let’s do it together.

Male, Dale Sherwood coaching a smiling client through a dead lift



Studio space, rubber flooring, rig, universal exercise machine, weights, bright welcoming space


You'll feel at home in a private, fully-loaded studio in Holland Landing, just north of Newmarket. With rubber flooring, a rig and the latest fitness equipment all there to help you accomplish your goals.

You'll also have access to outdoor space. On sunny days, you will love the opportunity to work out in the fresh air. And if you're ever having one of those days where working out is the last thing you feel like doing, still show up for yourself and we can keep your body moving by taking a long walk in the nearby trails. 

Trainer, coach, accountability partner, motivator, AKA Dale


I’m the founder of Sherwood Personal Training. Immediately after I finished my first client training session, I knew this was my calling. Having the opportunity to combine my passions for moving the body and helping people has definitely been a game changer for me. I’ve now been training clients for over a decade and I am not looking back. This career has given me a strong drive to continue my education as I aim to learn everything I can about the body, how it works and how it can be used at its most optimal state for all shapes, sizes and ages. I conduct all assessments and screenings and develop all programs based on our clients’ bodies and goals. 

When I'm not in the gym, I'm spending time outside with my beautiful family.

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Jon c.

Dale continues to push and motivate me to excel in my fitness progression, both mentally and physically. I have had trainers before but due to the nature of my work and earlier lifestyle ( sports,very physically demanding jobs) I have acquired many injuries cause Iong long term chronic pain, which made it hard for other trainers to work with me. When I started with Dale he took everything right back and started on corrective exercises and simple fundamentals to allow my body to slowly correct how I moved in and out of the gym. My biggest goal working with Dale was to stop the pain and then strengthen and tone. I was surprised after the first month how much he has truly helped take away my chronic pain just from the beginning of this journey. Fast forward 4 months we are now working on strength training and 80% of my daily pain gone! This has helped me mentally as much as physically. I look forward to our sessions even if exhausted. Compassionate, knowledgeable and just a great coach to have in your corner. Can't wait to see what the next 4 months bring. Highly recommended! I'd give more stars if I could.

Martina A.

I have been training with Dale for almost a year, and I couldn't be happier. He is highly professional and knowledgeable, but it's his "you can do it" attitude that keeps me achieving my goals. He is caring, supportive, encouraging and has a great sense of humour. Dale will push you to your potential and make it fun and exciting for you. He is very technical and makes sure that you do not injure yourself. He is always changing and updating my program to suit my needs and goals. Dale has also supported me in creating a nutrition plan based on my goals, and I can really see a difference in how I look physically but also in how I feel. I am happier, have a lot more energy and sleep better at night. I genuinely believe that working with Dale will be one of the best investments you can make in and for yourself.


"I started working out with Dale at Sherwood PT after a few big travelling trips where I felt like I had “let myself go” in the exercise and nutrition aspects. I tried to tell myself I could do it on my own and to just sign up for a gym again. But my “motivation” for exercising came from a place of hating the way I looked and felt. Dale’s knowledge and expertise created a program unique to my abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. And over the past 6 months it has changed multiple times to adapt to my new strengths and abilities. My mindset has completely changed from wanting to “lose” the weight I had gained, into wanting to look and feel strong - regardless of the number on the scale. The atmosphere at Sherwood is so fun, motivating, and challenging, and Dale has helped me regain confidence and shift my mindset to a much healthier lifestyle. I’m so thankful I invested in myself and in Sherwood PT and I highly recommend contacting Dale if you’re thinking about having a personal trainer.


"As a first time personal training experience I didn't know what to expect going in. After meeting Dale and getting a sense of his personal energy and learning about his approach I was excited to get started with training. He designed the program in a way where I felt I was always being pushed that extra mile that I would normally never push myself, but without any risk of causing injury. Dale's ability to put together a customized, interesting and progressive program that tailors to that individual's needs just shows the mastery of his expertise. I feel like I'm finally getting my fitness in order and enjoying every step of the process thanks to Sherwood Personal Training. I would highly recommend it.

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