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How do I get started?

By landing on our webpage you're already on your way!

Your next step is to book a complimentary consultation either via our website or email This will include going over your goals, activity history, likes/dislikes, etc. During this consultation we will also conduct your physical assessment and movement screening - so be prepared to sweat! The information we gather from these will be critical in developing a highly personalized workout program for you.  Even with our most experienced clients, we always hear about how much they learn during just this first meeting. We'll get to hear about your goals, learn about where your body currently stands and you'll get to sample our coaching style and see how working with us feels!


When is the best time to start?

Today! If it's been on your mind, take action. The saying "you only live once" is false, truly, you choose to live every day. And why not choose you and to live comfortably in your own body. We're here to help you get started and stay committed.


What's the physical assessment and movement screening?

The complimentary physical assessment and movement screening is two "tests" we put your body through to really learn the ins and outs of how YOUR body works. We will start by reviewing your movement patterns through a series of positions - for example, to test your hip mobility or shoulder mobility (these are common issues we see) to determine any corrective measures we need to take in our first program. From there we will test your current physical standing - definitely come dressed to work out - this will likely be one of your most challenging workouts with us, as it is designed to find your current limits. Both of these help us build a truly personalized work out program for you.


I don't have time or my schedule changes frequently, how can I commit to personal training?

We will work with you to find times that work best for both of you. Most weekdays days see availability of 5am-9pm. Try rephrasing "I don't have time for X" to "I don't prioritize X". Everyone can find time if something is important enough to them - and we think your health and wellness should be top priority.


I can't afford personal training - what are my options?

Just because you can't afford 1:1 personal training doesn't mean you can't get results. We offer a variety of payment plans to work with our client's budgets, partner training can offset some of the session cost, as well as, online coaching. Online coaching is a cost-effective solution to train "with" an experienced coach who has developed a personalized program for you but with your own accountability in your own space. You can complete the program at your pace, on your time and in your preferred space. We also develop custom home programs - after a thorough assessment and chat about your goals, we develop a 6-8 week program for you to use on your own. Contact us for more information!


Can I just come work out in your gym?

No. We are a personal training studio only. 

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