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Dryland training is critical for the off-season. This is where athletes can make or break their next season. By taking the time to put in the work players have the opportunity to come back with more technical skill, speed and power output. The more focused work you put in the off-season, the more you will stand out when you're back on the ice. 

OUR FOCUS is on 6 main athletic performance markers strength, agility, power output, hand eye/foot coordination, speed and conditioning, as well as, unilateral balance, core strength , and joint stability - skill developments that I believe are all critical to hockey.  

With a decade of experience, I have trained numerous athletes across a variety of sport, from soccer, basketball, hockey, slalom skiing, ultra runner, golf, baseball, and coaching an athlete to become a 3x national powerlifting record holder.


Injury prevention is one of my highest priorities. One of the biggest reasons athletes get injured is from misuse of muscle, meaning the movement is out of alignment. Throughout this camp we will be doing what I call “grooving new patterns” to minimize any misuse injuries. Movement is key and we plan to teach these athletes how to move so well and correctly that it becomes second nature. It becomes something they don’t have to put focus on so that the task in front of them (hockey) is their number 1 objective.

I understand how the body works, and what it needs to achieve individual goals within sport.   With this camp each individual will receive my expertise and custom program development. It will be executed with top of the line equipment and coaching. 

Not only will my programs challenge these athletes physically, but they will challenge them mentally.  


  • Holland Landing location

  • 2-hour sessions for 8 weeks, four days a week (camp will run Monday July 5- Thursday August 26)

  • Outdoors, rain or shine (thunder and lightning, rescheduled) 

  • Sessions are fast-paced, drills will include hockey movement mechanics that are directly transferrable to on ice skills as well as daily team work activities that can only be complete by working together and strategizing on the go - requiring quick decisions and effective communication

  • Max of 9 participants per group, with space up to 18 athletes aged 14-17 years old

  • Follows all Public Health COVID required protocols 


  • $3,000 per individual + HST

  • Includes comprehensive individual movement screening and physical assessment to create benchmark for each athlete pre and post camp

  • Includes 32 2-hour training sessions with highly experienced personal training coaches and top-of-the-line equipment 

  • Includes expert developed custom program design and individualized development in group setting

Have a question? Email Dale directly at 


Hear from ME directly


  • A decade of professional personal training experience 

  • Trained numerous athletes across a variety of sport from hockey, soccer, basketball, slalom skiing, ultra run, golf, baseball, and coaching client to become a 3x national powerlifting record holder 

  • Lifetime sports player, understanding how to combine the mechanics and skills required of the sport and critical form, training and movement to excel at the sport

What can i expect?

Athletes will train like pros in a challenging, fun, and unique dryland training camp, with top-of-the-line equipment and some of the best personal training coaches in the game taking their game to the next level

Our approach

Sessions will be fast-paced with progressive skill-specific programming phased over 8-weeks, 4-days a week, 2-hours a day that will allow for progressive overload to occur and athletes to improve week over week -building on their movement patterns, strength, speed, agility, power output, and critical skills. 

Our programming includes a variety of exercise categories including metabolic conditioning, strength, flexibility, balance / unilateral balance - plyometrics, isometrics, calisthenics. ​

We will utilize training aids including, but not limited to:

  • Medicine Balls

  • Parachutes

  • Pylons

  • Resistance Bands

  • Dumbbells 

  • Kettlebells 

  • Sled 

  • Battle ropes


Our program is designed to take our players to the next level and cultivate confidence and teamwork. 

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